Finding a better job

Intro: Last week I wrote about how much easier it is for people with above-average incomes to retire early.  For people with low-to-average incomes, it takes significantly longer. After optimizing expenses as best as possible, it makes sense to also chase higher incomes, particularly for those that don’t already make a killing as it is. […]

Skip rush hour to save time and money

Abstract: Shifting one’s work commute to earlier or later in the day to avoid rush hour traffic could theoretically save the average American about $900 per year. Intro: I’ve written in the past about the outstanding financial benefits of working from home, living closer to work, and riding a bike to work.  But what if those […]

More roommates = more money + more fun

Abstract: Ever thought about finding some roommates to save money?  Well, getting one roommate would save the average American renter about $6,000 per year, while getting two roommates would save $7,600 per year.  Despite the diminishing marginal returns of extra roommates, there’s actually a lot to be said about the non-financial aspects of platonic cohabitation […]

When can you pretire?

Introduction: Great news for the FG ROI clan this week… my brother and his wife had their first baby!  Big ups to the proud new parents!! 😉 So their new bundle of joy got me thinking about what kind of life I want to have when I have young one/s running around.  I would like to be able to retire […]

Why it pays to bring your lunch to work

I bring my lunch to work every day except for the occasional Friday when I go out with my coworkers.  This is pretty hard for me because restaurants are the Achilles heel of my household budget, well, that and travel.  I love a nice meal, especially one with friends, so I figured that I would […]