How much is your free time worth?

Intro: Regular readers will know that I’m always talking about and incorporating time costs into my ROI Analyses.  The idea is that nobody’s time is really free.  We all trade time for money and money for time at some point in our lives (think: work). To use an example, say that your favorite band / […]

The power of a high savings rate

Intro: A strong savings rate is the cornerstone of early retirement and financial independence.  A low savings rate means you’ll have to work longer to retire, while a high savings rate will allow you to retire earlier. The idea of saving, specifically, spending less money than you earn and, say, stuffing the extra money under […]

Occupy capital markets!

Here is the deal: I think there is a good chance that economic growth in the U.S. will be slower than normal going forward.  And that slow growth will probably hurt workers more than capital owners.  So by my reasoning, it probably wouldn’t hurt to be a little more aggressive in trying to become a […]

Intentional spending for happiness

This blog is loosely about the best way to spend your time and money.  That is a pretty loaded statement, so let me break it down a bit.  By best way to spend your time and money, I mean the way that will maximize your happiness.  Because that is what time and money are for, […]