The case against socially responsible investing (SRI)

Abstract: As attractive as it sounds, investing with a bleeding heart only leads to a bleeding portfolio.  Socially responsible investing costs both you and the causes you care about a lot of money and goodwill.  There are better ways to both invest your money and affect positive change in the world. Specifically, over 10 years […]

Some thoughts on timing the stock market

Commentary: Earlier in the year I wrote about how to get a good deal on stocks.  The post was called “happy hour at the stock market.”  A quick summary of the article is as follows: Stocks can be expensive and stocks can be cheap. It is in your best interest to buy when stocks are […]

Happy hour at the stock market

Say what? Here in Portland, OR, we have our fair share of happy hours.  I don’t go to them so much anymore, but the general idea is that restaurants or bars will offer discounted food and drinks to fill seats during slow business hours.   The great thing about happy hours from a customer perspective […]