Save like a Canadian

This article originally appeared as a guest post on Free to Pursue, a fantastic blog authored by a like-minded Canadian early retiree (left work in her mid 30’s) with much more life wisdom and perspective than yours truly.  She writes about experiencing true personal freedom and happiness and is refreshingly less fixated on the monetary framing […]

Happy hour at the stock market

Say what? Here in Portland, OR, we have our fair share of happy hours.  I don’t go to them so much anymore, but the general idea is that restaurants or bars will offer discounted food and drinks to fill seats during slow business hours.   The great thing about happy hours from a customer perspective […]

Less is more: spending less vs. earning more

Background: A good friend of mine loves to admonish people that “less is always more,” which is sort of funny coming from a guy who lives very large.  I mean, this is a guy that used to smoke a half pack of cigarettes every day and still managed to walk on to the top college […]

Retire in 18 years by matching your annual spending with investments

A lot of personal finance bloggers advocate an extremely short path to early retirement, something like 7-10 years through extreme savings.  I am not against this kind of saving, and, frankly, wish I was more up to the task myself.  However, that kind of saving is not easy and not for everyone. A lot of […]