Cut your monthly bills, the easy way

Abstract: Having professional bill hagglers (billcutterz to be precise) negotiate lower rates on your behalf is a no-brainer, especially because they don’t charge anything unless you save money.  The average amount of money to be saved is estimated to be $3,000 every 10 years, and that is after they take their cut. If you fancy […]

Cutting the cord: getting rid of cable

Some thoughts and background: The average american apparently pays upwards of $50 per month for their cable television package.  But we wouldn’t know in our household because we stopped that ish a long time ago. First, cable television is a dying business, albeit a behemoth.  According to MarketWatch, cable television advertising revenues are about 30-60x higher […]

How to succeed at budgets without really trying

While a few people in the personal finance blogosphere might truly believe that budgets are sexy, most people probably think of budgets as a pain in the ass, and I would tend to agree.  The thing is, however, if you have ambitious savings goals, you probably really need a budget to help you stay on […]