Is hunting cost-effective?

Intro: Is hunting cost-effective?  Probably not.  My estimates show that hunting costs $2,000 more per year on average than simply buying meat from the grocery store (about $10 more per pound in this example).  Why the steep price for such a seemingly ethical and idyllic way of procuring meat? The main reason that hunting is […]

Luxury cars: cars for people who like to work

Intro: Guess what… buying an economy car saves a ton of money versus buying a luxury car.  But just how much does an expensive status symbol fancy car really cost? By my estimates, buying a new Honda Accord will save almost $50,000 over 10 years rather than buying a new Acura TL.  And these are just […]

How much does a smaller car actually save you?

Abstract: Buying a Honda Accord Sedan instead of a Honda Pilot SUV saves roughly $25,000 over 10 years.  But both cars are still going to cost a whole lot when all operating and ownership expenses are included (close to $100,000 per decade). Intro: Ever wondered how much money a smaller car actually saves?  Maybe not, but you’re […]

The ROI of a non-traditional wedding

Intro: I’m going to keep this real short.  How much would having a non-traditional wedding save the average American couple?  Answer: At least $30,000. Anybody that has ever seriously thought about getting married has probably weighed the pro’s and con’s of some sort of non-traditional celebration, such as eloping, going to the courthouse, having a small intimate ceremony, […]

More roommates = more money + more fun

Abstract: Ever thought about finding some roommates to save money?  Well, getting one roommate would save the average American renter about $6,000 per year, while getting two roommates would save $7,600 per year.  Despite the diminishing marginal returns of extra roommates, there’s actually a lot to be said about the non-financial aspects of platonic cohabitation […]

I lost my wedding band, and I don’t care.

Abstract: Spending a lot of money on nice wedding and engagement rings might be the right decision for some people, but don’t be fooled.  Spending unnecessarily on expensive wedding rings is a bad financial decision and a really inefficient way to prove your love.  Save up to $8,000 over 10 years by simply buying less-expensive jewelry. […]

The true cost of childcare

Abstract: Everyone knows that big kids are expensive, but little kids are expensive too.  What if it made more sense for the typical American parent to quit their job for 4 years instead of sending their kid to daycare / childcare / pre-k during that time?  Wouldn’t it be nice? Yes, it would, but in fact, […]