ROI: cloth vs. paper towels

Cloth savings: I’m going to keep this one short and sweet and get straight to the numbers.  How much money do cloth napkins and kitchen towels save you over the course of 10 years?  According to my back of the napkin calculations, switching to cloth is worth about $219 per decade per person. Here are the […]

Buy a washing machine or go to the laundromat?

This is a somewhat nostalgic post for me and is for all the urban dwellers out there, particularly the renters.  Here is the deal.  I lived in the outer boroughs of NYC for 5 years (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens) and never had a washer or dryer.  Laundry was a much dreaded Sunday chore. Let me paint […]

Why air drying your laundry isn’t worth the trouble

I wanted to start with this example for two reasons.  One, because nobody is really getting excited about air drying their laundry.  And two, because this is a pretty straightforward example that will help familiarize you with my approach.  Okay, enough talk, here are the stats:   Scenario: Use an electric dryer versus manually air […]