Live close to work to save on commuting costs

Right off the bat, I have to mention that my inspiration for this post was Mr. Money Mustache.  He has a very similar post, and I want to give credit where credit is due: The True Cost of Commuting by Mr. Money Mustache. That being said, I had to get this into my ROI scoreboard […]

Why it pays to bring your lunch to work

I bring my lunch to work every day except for the occasional Friday when I go out with my coworkers.  This is pretty hard for me because restaurants are the Achilles heel of my household budget, well, that and travel.  I love a nice meal, especially one with friends, so I figured that I would […]

Working from home to save money

How much money could you save by working from home, or to put it differently, how much of a pay cut would you be willing to take to work from home?  Answer: $106,000 over 10 years, over 2 times the average American salary.  Unfortunately, quality work-from-home opportunities are not always easy to come by. If you are […]

Car commuting: a bad proposition – part 2

Part 2: The Fair-weather Commuter Riding in cars can be really fun and convenient, especially on a sunny 70-degree day with the windows down and the music loud, but you will pay dearly for that privilege.  In part 1 of the car commuting series, I looked at the ROI of getting rid of your car […]

Car commuting: a bad proposition – part 1

Without a doubt, car commuting is the Enemy of the early retiree.  Using a car regularly is costing you BIG dollars and keeping you on the financial treadmill longer than necessary.  Not that I don’t understand the allure of car ownership.  The car lifestyle is extremely convenient and enjoyable, but it is very clear to […]