Should you change your own oil?

Background: Ah, a quintessential image of American manliness, a dude changing his own oil.  Grease-stained jacket, crew cut, work rag, socket wrench in hand.  Self-sufficient to the max, except the part about needing a very expensive piece of machinery to get from point A to point B. Not that I have any room to judge; […]

Cutting the cord: getting rid of cable

Some thoughts and background: The average american apparently pays upwards of $50 per month for their cable television package.  But we wouldn’t know in our household because we stopped that ish a long time ago. First, cable television is a dying business, albeit a behemoth.  According to MarketWatch, cable television advertising revenues are about 30-60x higher […]

Save money with low cost mutual funds

Investing in low cost mutual funds versus regular or actively managed funds is one of the easiest ways to save a lot of money.  I have written before about saving money the easy way by cutting back on recurring contractual expenses like bills and mortgage payments… mutual funds are no different. (Update: it turns out […]