How much does a smaller car actually save you?

Abstract: Buying a Honda Accord Sedan instead of a Honda Pilot SUV saves roughly $25,000 over 10 years.  But both cars are still going to cost a whole lot when all operating and ownership expenses are included (close to $100,000 per decade). Intro: Ever wondered how much money a smaller car actually saves?  Maybe not, but you’re […]

Cut your monthly bills, the easy way

Abstract: Having professional bill hagglers (billcutterz to be precise) negotiate lower rates on your behalf is a no-brainer, especially because they don’t charge anything unless you save money.  The average amount of money to be saved is estimated to be $3,000 every 10 years, and that is after they take their cut. If you fancy […]

I lost my wedding band, and I don’t care.

Abstract: Spending a lot of money on nice wedding and engagement rings might be the right decision for some people, but don’t be fooled.  Spending unnecessarily on expensive wedding rings is a bad financial decision and a really inefficient way to prove your love.  Save up to $8,000 over 10 years by simply buying less-expensive jewelry. […]

Save serious money on your cell phone bill

Intro: I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet because it is World Cup time and I want to see more goals like this!! This post is about how to save a lot of money by switching cell phone carriers.  By my estimates, the average American could work 5.6 days less each year by switching […]

Does the Nest Thermostat save money?

Background: Welcome to my first READER REQUEST.  I love ideas for new posts, especially from readers.  This is my inaugural reader request, and I hope to do many more going forward.  A big thanks for the inspiration… In this ROI analysis, I’m going to take a quick look at whether or not a smart thermostat […]

Cutting the cord: getting rid of cable

Some thoughts and background: The average american apparently pays upwards of $50 per month for their cable television package.  But we wouldn’t know in our household because we stopped that ish a long time ago. First, cable television is a dying business, albeit a behemoth.  According to MarketWatch, cable television advertising revenues are about 30-60x higher […]

ETFs vs. mutual funds

Previously, I showed how low-cost, passive mutual funds can save you money versus actively managed funds that try to beat the market.  And in this post, I am here to tell you that ETFs can accomplish the same thing, and maybe even do it better. Giving credit where credit is due, this article wouldn’t have happened […]