How much does a smaller car actually save you?

Abstract: Buying a Honda Accord Sedan instead of a Honda Pilot SUV saves roughly $25,000 over 10 years.  But both cars are still going to cost a whole lot when all operating and ownership expenses are included (close to $100,000 per decade). Intro: Ever wondered how much money a smaller car actually saves?  Maybe not, but you’re […]

Should you change your own oil?

Background: Ah, a quintessential image of American manliness, a dude changing his own oil.  Grease-stained jacket, crew cut, work rag, socket wrench in hand.  Self-sufficient to the max, except the part about needing a very expensive piece of machinery to get from point A to point B. Not that I have any room to judge; […]

Car commuting: a bad proposition – part 1

Without a doubt, car commuting is the Enemy of the early retiree.  Using a car regularly is costing you BIG dollars and keeping you on the financial treadmill longer than necessary.  Not that I don’t understand the allure of car ownership.  The car lifestyle is extremely convenient and enjoyable, but it is very clear to […]