The ROI of starting a personal finance blog

home office

Intro: I’ve been blogging for about a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.  My goals starting out were to learn more about personal finance and quantify some common time and money decisions while picking up a little petty cash along the way.  I’ve succeeded with the first two goals but so far […]

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Is hunting cost-effective?

hunter and dog

Intro: Is hunting cost-effective?  Probably not.  My estimates show that hunting costs $2,000 more per year on average than simply buying meat from the grocery store (about $10 more per pound in this example).  Why the steep price for such a seemingly ethical and idyllic way of procuring meat? The main reason that hunting is […]

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Used cars save $15,000 per decade versus buying new

junk car

Intro: This is the third and final post on buying a car.  The first post showed that buying a mid-size sedan instead of a SUV can save $25,000 over 10 years.  The next post showed that buying an economy car saves nearly $50,000 per decade versus buying an entry-level luxury car.  And now this post […]

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Luxury cars: cars for people who like to work


Intro: Guess what… buying an economy car saves a ton of money versus buying a luxury car.  But just how much does an expensive status symbol fancy car really cost? By my estimates, buying a new Honda Accord will save almost $50,000 over 10 years rather than buying a new Acura TL.  And these are just […]

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How much does a smaller car actually save you?

small car

Abstract: Buying a Honda Accord Sedan instead of a Honda Pilot SUV saves roughly $25,000 over 10 years.  But both cars are still going to cost a whole lot when all operating and ownership expenses are included (close to $100,000 per decade). Intro: Ever wondered how much money a smaller car actually saves?  Maybe not, but you’re […]

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The ROI of a non-traditional wedding

goats mountain

Intro: I’m going to keep this real short.  How much would having a non-traditional wedding save the average American couple?  Answer: At least $30,000. Anybody that has ever seriously thought about getting married has probably weighed the pro’s and con’s of some sort of non-traditional celebration, such as eloping, going to the courthouse, having a small intimate ceremony, […]

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Building vs. buying a home


Abstract: Buying an existing 1,000-square-foot home saves $17,500 over the first ten years of ownership compared to building a new one. Intro: I’ve often wondered: would the energy and maintenance savings on a new home be worth the added construction costs versus buying an existing house?  Financially speaking, the answer turns out to be no. […]

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