Random financial tips


Intro: I’ve come across a few interesting / relevant ideas lately.  There isn’t exactly a thematic coherence between these financial tips / this financial advice, but it’s worth sharing. Random financial tips: HSA (Health Savings Account) can be used as a super-charged retirement account.  Here’s how it works.  Contributions aren’t taxed. Contributions can be invested […]

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The Trimurti of Household Budgeting


Intro: Personal finance types, myself included, often recommend making small lifestyle changes to save more money for retirement.  A prominent example is the latte effect, which holds that cutting out a daily cup of coffee can theoretically save 1,000’s of dollars (it can).  This kind of advice, however, really gets under some people’s skin. Take […]

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How long until retirement: an interactive tool

ice branches

Intro: How many more years will you have to work before you can retire / achieve financial independence?  With it being the start of a new year, I wanted to get a handle on this question myself. I’ve already written a few articles on this subject (pretirement, financial independence, power of a high savings rate, […]

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Other ROI’s

blue ice

Intro: ROI’s are all over the internet, so instead of recreating them all the time to fit my standard 10-year model, I’m just going to summarize a few below.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still do my own ROI’s from time to time, but by this point, I feel like I have covered a lot […]

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11 Years of New York Times Notable Books

girl reading

Intro: I love this time of the year, when best-of and favorites lists start to trickle out.  I like these lists so much that I’ve actually got a dedicated section for them in my Stuff I Like page.  The New York Times top 10 books of the year list is usually one of my most reliable sources […]

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The true cost of smoking


Intro: Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad.  I’m not here to sound that alarm again.  This post is about the true costs of smoking, including not only the hard cash spent on a pack of cigarettes, but also the subsequent health-related costs and shortened life expectancy. Based on data from the American Cancer Society, I […]

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Location arbitrage: living abroad to save money

beach cocktail

Abstract: Living abroad in countries like Ecuador or Thailand can save the average American serious money (and serious working time).  Specifically, living in an inexpensive country abroad for 10 years saves nearly $225,000 versus living in the U.S., and even more than that for big spenders.  As more and more people transition to location independent careers, […]

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