How long until retirement: an interactive tool

Intro: How many more years will you have to work before you can retire / achieve financial independence?  With it being the start of a new year, I wanted to get a handle on this question myself. I’ve already written a few articles on this subject (pretirement, financial independence, power of a high savings rate, […]

A visualized future

Intro: I remember hearing a motivational speaker talk at a college leadership conference back in the day.  He was talking about the power of visualization and had us do a silly exercise where we keep our feet in place and twist as far around as possible from our torso, marking the farthest spot with our eyes. […]

How much is your free time worth?

Intro: Regular readers will know that I’m always talking about and incorporating time costs into my ROI Analyses.  The idea is that nobody’s time is really free.  We all trade time for money and money for time at some point in our lives (think: work). To use an example, say that your favorite band / […]

Spend good: a quiz to help you prioritize

Intro: Sometimes this blog might come off as a little preachy, but that’s not really the intention.  I try not to be a preachy fellow except occasionally for matters that affect me, my loved ones, and/or my community.  That means usually, whatever you want to do with your own time and money is none of my business!  This […]