Save like a Canadian

This article originally appeared as a guest post on Free to Pursue, a fantastic blog authored by a like-minded Canadian early retiree (left work in her mid 30’s) with much more life wisdom and perspective than yours truly.  She writes about experiencing true personal freedom and happiness and is refreshingly less fixated on the monetary framing […]

Water efficiency upgrades for the home

Abstract: Upgrading toilets, faucets, and shower heads in a 2-person, 2-bath home saves about $450 over 10 years.  The upgrades don’t really start to pay for themselves until years 4 through 6 though. Intro: I’m a renter by choice, but this article is for the home-owners (and landlords?) out there.  It is about replacing and/or […]

Is raising chickens worth it?

Abstract: If you don’t include time costs, raising chickens might be barely profitable, depending on a whole host of factors.  Include time costs on the other hand, and it is waaay better to to just get your eggs at the store… better to the tune of about $1,000 per year. Intro: My friend asked me […]

LED vs. CFL light bulbs

*Update: As commenter Cal Cho mentioned below, there is evidence the LED lifespans can also be shorter than what the manufacturers claim.  This means that LED’s, at least how they are currently priced, are not necessarily better investments than CFL’s.  See this article for more information. Abstract: LED light bulbs are the better investment than CFL […]

Does the Nest Thermostat save money?

Background: Welcome to my first READER REQUEST.  I love ideas for new posts, especially from readers.  This is my inaugural reader request, and I hope to do many more going forward.  A big thanks for the inspiration… In this ROI analysis, I’m going to take a quick look at whether or not a smart thermostat […]