The importance of narrative

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Intro: The stories we tell to ourselves and each other matter a lot.  I don't know where I read it, but I remember coming across research that said humans' thought processes evolved first and foremost to win arguments rather than to understand the world for exactly how it is.  In that sense, our minds are more political than they are scientific.For this reason, ancient philosophers such as Continue Reading

Finding a better job

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Intro: Last week I wrote about how much easier it is for people with above-average incomes to retire early.  For people with low-to-average incomes, it takes significantly longer. After optimizing expenses as best as possible, it makes sense to also chase higher incomes, particularly for those that don’t already make a killing as it is. […]

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The dirty little secret about early retirement


Intro: Here’s the dirty little secret you won’t hear too often in the early retirement community: income matters, A LOT.  A typical handling of the income conundrum goes something like this: “Yeah, it can be hard to retire early / save a lot with lower incomes, but it is still possible if you are determined.”  The sad reality […]

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11 Years of New York Times Notable Books

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Intro: I love this time of the year, when best-of and favorites lists start to trickle out.  I like these lists so much that I’ve actually got a dedicated section for them in my Stuff I Like page.  The New York Times top 10 books of the year list is usually one of my most reliable sources […]

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Other ROI’s

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Intro: ROI’s are all over the internet, so instead of recreating them all the time to fit my standard 10-year model, I’m just going to summarize a few below.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still do my own ROI’s from time to time, but by this point, I feel like I have covered a lot […]

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The 6 keys to a healthy life


Intro: This isn’t exactly my area of expertise, but then again, I’ve never claimed to be an expert in personal finance either.  I’m just very interested, learning as I go, and sharing with anyone that might want to listen.  With that in mind, I recently became curious if there was any simple, definitive list of the […]

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Random financial tips


Intro: I’ve come across a few interesting / relevant ideas lately.  There isn’t exactly a thematic coherence between these financial tips / this financial advice, but it’s worth sharing. Random financial tips: HSA (Health Savings Account) can be used as a super-charged retirement account.  Here’s how it works.  Contributions aren’t taxed. Contributions can be invested […]

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