Switching from Macbook to Chromebook for savings

glowing laptop

Abstract: I'd put money on the "fact" that 10 years from now, most everyone will be using a computer that operates mostly on the cloud.  So why not go ahead and make the switch now?Using a cloud based computer like a Chromebook saves about $1,800 every 10 years versus using a baseline Macbook Pro.  Sure, there are a few little bumps for early adopters, but there are also some nice benefits Continue Reading

(Il)legal smiles: are marijuana edibles cheaper than alcohol?

lemon drops

Abstract: With more and more states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, it seems fair to challenge the bias against pot.  Pot is arguably three times less harmful for both individuals and society as a whole.  On top of that it is a cheaper, but not necessarily by leaps and bounds. Having four edible pot candies a week […]

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Dog ownership: follow your nose, not your wallet

dog on beach

Abstract: At the recommendation of a regular reader, I’ve decided to start including a quick abstract at the top for people who don’t want to plow through all my BS commentary, haha.  Okay, those are my words not his, but to get on with it, this post is about how much a dog costs you. […]

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Lifestyle inflation: pocketing America’s spare change since 1950

longhorn cowfish

Intro: How did our young, handsome grandparents spend money back in 1950 and how do we spend it today? In real terms, our quality of life as Americans is much better today than it was in the past (but maybe not for much longer?). Goods and services are cheaper than ever (such as flights), and […]

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The power of a high savings rate

water sunset and dock

Intro: A strong savings rate is the cornerstone of early retirement and financial independence.  A low savings rate means you’ll have to work longer to retire, while a high savings rate will allow you to retire earlier. The idea of saving, specifically, spending less money than you earn and, say, stuffing the extra money under […]

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Cooking at home vs. eating out

Scallop sashimi, aji amarillo, lychee, pink peppercorn at Smallwares

  Intro: Here’s the thing.  I used to eat out at restaurants so much that I decided to start a food blog in 2010 to keep track of all the fabulous meals I was having around NYC.  I didn’t want to forget them; I wanted to savor the memories.  I will say, looking back at the […]

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Save serious money on your cell phone bill

phone booth toys

Intro: I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet because it is World Cup time and I want to see more goals like this!! This post is about how to save a lot of money by switching cell phone carriers.  By my estimates, the average American could work 5.6 days less each year by switching […]

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