Cowpooling: a cost comparison


Abstract: Cowpooling, the process of pooling money with other individuals to buy portions of a cow for meat, can save people a lot of money or cost them a lot of money.  For the household that already buys a lot of beef at a natural / ethical market like Whole Foods, there is the potential to save around $5,400 every 10 years.However, for the household that buys a lot of conventional beef at Continue Reading

Some thoughts on timing the stock market

hudson bay

Commentary: Earlier in the year I wrote about how to get a good deal on stocks.  The post was called “happy hour at the stock market.”  A quick summary of the article is as follows: Stocks can be expensive and stocks can be cheap. It is in your best interest to buy when stocks are […]

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Do tankless water heaters save money?

drops of water

Commentary: I’mma keep this short today: NO.  A tankless water heater will cost about $1,700 over ten years versus a conventional one.  Stick with what works brothers and sisters. While tankless water heaters are more efficient, they don’t save money because the actual units cost a lot more money, plus then they require more expensive installations. […]

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Water efficiency upgrades for the home

water blue

Abstract: Upgrading toilets, faucets, and shower heads in a 2-person, 2-bath home saves about $450 over 10 years.  The upgrades don’t really start to pay for themselves until years 4 through 6 though. Intro: I’m a renter by choice, but this article is for the home-owners (and landlords?) out there.  It is about replacing and/or […]

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I lost my wedding band, and I don’t care.

wedding ring

Abstract: Spending a lot of money on nice wedding and engagement rings might be the right decision for some people, but don’t be fooled.  Spending unnecessarily on expensive wedding rings is a bad financial decision and a really inefficient way to prove your love.  Save up to $8,000 over 10 years by simply buying less-expensive jewelry. […]

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Is raising chickens worth it?


Abstract: If you don’t include time costs, raising chickens might be barely profitable, depending on a whole host of factors.  Include time costs on the other hand, and it is waaay better to to just get your eggs at the store… better to the tune of about $1,000 per year. Intro: My friend asked me […]

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A visualized future

blue thistle

Intro: I remember hearing a motivational speaker talk at a college leadership conference back in the day.  He was talking about the power of visualization and had us do a silly exercise where we keep our feet in place and twist as far around as possible from our torso, marking the farthest spot with our eyes. […]

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